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Search for R-Parity Violating Production of Single Sneutrinos in $e^{+}e^{-}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 189-209 GeV / Heister, A ; Schael, S ; Barate, R ; Bruneliere, R ; et al [CERN-EP-2001-094] [hep-ex/0201013]
A search for single sneutrino production under the assumption that $R$-parity is violated via a single dominant $LL\bar{E}$ coupling is presented. [...]
Published in Eur. Phys. J., C:
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Multifractal analysis of minimum bias events in \Sqrt s = 630 GeV $\overline{p}$p collisions / Albajar, C ; Allkofer, O C ; Apsimon, R J ; Bartha, S ; et al [CERN-PPE-92-085] [HEPHY-PUB-568]
Published in Z. Phys., C :56 1992 37-46
Lepton-Flavour Violation in SUSY with and without R-parity / Gomez, M E ; Carvalho, D F [hep-ph/0204133]
We study whether the individual violation of the lepton numbers L_{e,mu,tau} in the charged sector can lead to measurable rates for BR(mu->e gamma) and BR(tau->mu gamma). [...]
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Limits on Higgs boson masses from combining the data of the four LEP experiments at $\sqrt{s} \leq 183 GeV$ [CERN-L3-175] [CERN-EP-99-060]
Supersymmetry and a rationale for small CP violating phases / Branco, G C ; Gomez, M E ; Khalil, S ; Teixeira, A M [FISIST-14-2001-CFIF] [IPPP-01-58] [DCPT-01-114] [hep-ph/0204136]
We analyse the CP problem in the context of a supersymmetric extension of the standard model with universal strength of Yukawa couplings. [...]
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The first CERN-built module of the barrel section of ATLAS's electromagnetic calorimeter
Premier module du tonneau du calorimètre electromagnétique d'ATLAS
10 Apr 2001

Behind the module, left to right Ralf Huber, Andreas Bies and Jorgen Beck Hansen. [...]

Picture number: CERN-EX-0104007

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