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Non-compact supergravity solves problems / Ellis, J ; Enqvist, K ; Nanopoulos, D V [CERN-TH-4036]
Published in Phys. Lett., B :151 1985 357-362
Supergravity Inflation on the Brane / Bento, M C ; Bertolami, O ; Sen, A A [gr-qc/0204046]
We study N=1 Supergravity inflation in the context of the braneworld scenario. [...]
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Modular Invariant Anomalous U(1) Breaking / Gaillard, M K ; Giedt, J [LBNL-50097] [UCB-PTH-02-14] [hep-th/0204100]
We describe the effective supergravity theory present below the scale of spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking due to an anomalous U(1), obtained by integrating out tree-level interactions of massive modes. [...]
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Holographic Renormalization Group / Fukuma, M ; Matsuura, S ; Sakai, T [KUNS-1817] [YITP-2002-73] [TAUP-2719] [hep-th/0212314]
The holographic renormalization group (RG) is reviewed in a self-contained manner. [...]
Published in Prog. Theor. Phys.: 109 (2003) pp. 489-562
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