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Double Trace Deformations, Infinite Extra Dimensions and Supersymmetry Breaking / Berkooz, M [hep-th/0209257]
It was recently shown how to break supersymmetry in certain $AdS_3$ spaces, without destabilizing the background, by using a ``double trace'' deformation which localizes on the boundary of space-time. [...]
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Decapitating Tadpoles / Adams, A ; McGreevy, J ; Silverstein, E [PUTP-2002-48] [SLAC-PUB-9504] [SU-ITP-2002-36] [hep-th/0209226]
We argue that perturbative quantum field theory and string theory can be consistently modified in the infrared to eliminate, in a radiatively stable manner, tadpole instabilities that arise after supersymmetry breaking. [...]
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A universal result on central charges in the presence of double-trace deformations / Gubser, S S ; Klebanov, Igor R [PUPT-2069] [hep-th/0212138]
We study large N conformal field theories perturbed by relevant double-trace deformations. [...]
Published in Nucl. Phys. B: 656 (2003) pp. 23-36
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3-D Interacting CFTs and Generalized Higgs Phenomenon in Higher Spin Theories on AdS / Girardello, L ; Porrati, Massimo ; Zaffaroni, A [hep-th/0212181]
We study a duality, recently conjectured by Klebanov and Polyakov, between higher-spin theories on AdS_4 and O(N) vector models in 3-d. [...]
Published in Phys. Lett. B: 561 (2003) pp. 289-293
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Filtering Gravity: Modification at Large Distances? / Dvali, G [NYU-TH-2004-02-17] [hep-th/0402130]
In this lecture I address the issue of possible large distance modification of gravity and its observational consequences. [...]
Published in Phys. Scr. Top. Issues: T117 (2005) pp. 92-98
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Non-Supersymmetric Membrane Flows from Fake Supergravity and Multi-Trace Deformations / Papadimitriou, I [DESY-06-083] [DESY-2006-083] [hep-th/0606038]
We use fake supergravity as a solution generating technique to obtain a continuum of non-supersymmetric asymptotically $AdS_4\times S^7$ domain wall solutions of eleven-dimensional supergravity with non-trivial scalars in the $SL(8,\mathbb{R})/SO(8)$ coset. [...]
Published in J. High Energy Phys. :02 2007 008
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