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A new model-independent way of extracting |V_ub/V_cb| / Aglietti, U ; Ciuchini, M ; Gambino, P [CERN-TH-2002-069] [RM3-TH-02-4] [hep-ph/0204140]
The ratio between the photon spectrum in B -> X_s gamma and the differential semileptonic rate wrt the hadronic variable M_X/E_X is a short-distance quantity calculable in perturbation theory and independent of the Fermi motion ofthe b quark in the B meson. [...]
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Physics at the front-end of a neutrino factory : a quantitative appraisal / Mangano, M L ; Alekhin, S I ; Anselmino, M ; Ball, R D ; et al [CERN-TH-2001-131] [hep-ph/0105155]
We present a quantitative appraisal of the physics potential for neutrino experiments at the front-end of a muon storage ring. [...]
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